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I just stumbled across this when I googled for "types of heroes":

"The Chosen One: must typically fulfill some ancient prophecy and then saves the world, frequently has Jesus complex. Typically requires the help of a Wise Old Man or Elderly Martial Arts Master to fulfill this destiny. Almost always of apparently humble origins. Requires multiple sidekicks, often with radically different skills. (...) Almost always the central character."

How spot-on is that?! 

Prophecy? - Check
Saves the world? - Check
Wise Old Man? - Yep
Humble origins? - Check
Multiple sidekicks? - Yep
With radically different skills? - Hermione
Central character? - Check
Jesus complex? - DH!

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No clicking, [profile] jerdog ! :)        D H   S P O I L E R S 

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WARNING:   D H   S P O I L E R S !

 "If literature truly reflects society, then the end of the Harry Potter series spells trouble for us all. Because, after 10 years, 4,195 pages, and over 325 million copies, J.K. Rowling's towering achievement lacks the cornerstone of almost all great children's literature: the hero's moral journey. Without that foundation, her story – for all its epic trappings of good versus evil – is stuck in a moral no man's land." 

Or click here.

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Absolutely hilarious! Click here! What do you mean you don't want to? Imperio!

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Fortunately, there is no need to sum them up myself because [info]pir8fancier has done an excellent job at it already - much, much better than I ever could (there is a reason why she is a published author and I'm not... and never will be - LOL). 

here for general gripes and here for Malfoy-specific thoughts.

I need to add a few things, though: 

Voldemort not checking Harry's body personally to make sure he's dead? After Harry has escaped him so many times? I'm sorry, but that's stupid and doesn't fit with the descriptions of Tom Riddle as an extremely intelligent person.

How did Molly kill Bellatrix? I thought there was only one Killing Curse!

How come nobody ever uses Felix Felicis or Veritaserum?

If Hermione has a bottomless bag, why did she take all those books and Phineas' portrait - bot not enough food and drink, especially since she knew that it is not possible to conjure either?


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