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Chris Eyre's "Skins" fascinated me so much that I bought the book, written by Lovelock Paiute poet/novelist Adrian Louis, and read it in two days. Despite its flaws - pubertal vulgarity in the narrative that didn't really fit the middle-aged characters (talk about some cringeworthy euphemisms!), sloppy POV, many redundancies, overuse of adjectives and alliterations - I loved the book for its sheer raw gripping power. 

Before I watched the movie, I never knew that the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is the poorest county in the United States. I had no idea that in the world's richest nation people exist in third-world conditions. It is appalling!

Fortunately there is a way to lend a helping hand through Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation. On their Website, you can find lists of items that are needed for a number of projects on the reservation, for example school supplies, CDs or books (which can be ordered and shipped directly to Pine Ridge via Amazon).

I ordered two books for one of their projects and will buy more as my budget allows. 

I appeal to all of you to do the same. 

Let's share our love of books by giving books to the less fortunate!

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"(W)hy should I mourn at the untimely fate of my people? Tribe follows tribe, and nation follows nation, like the waves of the sea. It is the order of nature, and regret is useless. Your time of decay may be distant, but it will surely come, for even the White Man (...) cannot be exempt from the common destiny. We may be brothers after all. We will see."

Seealth, chief of the Squamish, 1854, as reported by Henry Smith in the Seattle Sunday Star, 1887 (Source here; critical here


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