Apr. 10th, 2008 09:17 pm
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I finished weeding and de-grassing my rose bed, all the while listening for our neighboorhood hooter. Somehow the yard doesn't feel right without the "Who cooks for youuuuu? Who cooks tomorrow?" calls, so I'm always glad to hear or see its source.

By the way, owl-spotting has changed the way I look at the world:

On my way to the grocery store after work today, for example, I spotted a life-size statue of a rabbit in one of my neighbor's yard. I must have passed it countless times over the years without giving it any thought. This time, I caught myself wondering what would happen if a poor unsuspecting inexperienced owling tried to catch it. Ouch!

And also, I used to think "squirrel" when I saw a squirrel. Now I think "owl snack".

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The past couple of weeks I've been hearing this strange call at dusk and dawn; it sounded like a turtle dove, but much, much louder.

This afternoon, while I was outside weeding my flowerbeds, I heard it again. It was coming from somewhere up in a tree, so I sat very still and looked around - and there it was! An OWL! I was so excited! I love owls. They are such beautiful birds (although they make a lot of noise, let me tell you!).

I got up and got my husband to show him the bird. When she noticed that she was being observed, she took off to another tree. Not wanting to disturb her further, I went back to my weeding and Le Husband went back to his computer. I heard her call only once after that... I hope I didn't scare her off!

Anyhoo... I did some research on the Web and found out that we have five species of owls in Florida: Great Horned, Barn, Burrowing, Screech, and Barred Owl. I think "our" owl is a Barred Owl. The hoo-hoo-hoo-hoooooo call I've been hearing sounds very similar to the sound recordings on this Web page - which, among other things, states that "(t)he primary territorial location or advertisement call for the Barred Owl is often described as 'Who cooks for you; Who cooks for you all?' (...)" :D - and the shape and size of the bird in the tree fits the description.

I so hope I didn't scare her off!!!! 

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