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The only TV series I've liked these past ten years was Six Feet Under. Everything else I neither get nor like - especially Trueblood. So much ado about nothing!
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... reality TV or elimination shows of any sort, but I stumbled upon "Rock of Love" by accident last week and couldn't help watching in horrified fascination. 

Here is this bloke 
Bret Michaels, who looks like he's been around the block more than one too many times, in a house full of girls (most of them fake blondes with fake boobs) who look like they're half his age, supposedly looking for twu wuv the lot of them. On national television. It's sickeningly hilarious. I'm wondering if the guy came up with the idea himself or if somebody else did and he only signed up for the money. He certainly gets a lot of snogging out of the deal. What the girls get out of it, I'm not sure. Mainly booze, I suppose, and the opportunity to show off their piercings, tattoos, and lots of cleavage. On national television, I might add. I have only one positive thing to say about them and that is that - in their own fake-blonde, fake-boobed way - they have more class than the women on Mo'Nique's Charm School. *shudders*

The dirty looks they shoot at whoever is receiving his slobbering attentions at the time are priceless. It makes me want to shout at the silly girls, "Wake up! Should you be the last one standing at the end of the series, that's how it's going to be! The guy's going to be out partying, snogging and humping other girls and he's not going to care one iota about your feelings. That's why he's making out with XY in the corner over there: to give you an idea what you're getting yourself into. So unless you like three- and moresomes, get out of his house. Run! Now!"

I have to admit, the whole thing holds a terrible attraction, sort of like a trainwreck, and that's coming from someone who detests people who slow down on the Interstate to gawk at an accident on the other side of the road. I really shouldn't watch this show ever again... A bunch of wannabee
groupies vying for an 80s rock star's attention and affection... Too bad we'll never learn what becomes of the winner! I have a suspicion she's going to end up as a live-in babysitter for his two little girls and as his stay-at-home ho. Oh well, she'll have plenty of time to bleach her hair, keep her boobs bouncy, and hone her phone sex skills while she's waiting for Bretty-boy to get out of who-knows-whose bed and come home. Muahahahahaaaaa. 

ETA: Critical comments 
here. And here to Bret's plastic surgery.

Another add: Damn, I wish I could remember the name of that Website where all these groupies were discussing the, um, ups and downs of all those rock stars...


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