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Looks like Hubert the Hooter enjoys the neighborhood so much that he has decided to bring his girlfriend! My husband spotted both of them in our big old backyard oak tree yesterday. That is just too cool - although I'm wondering why we've never had owls before. Maybe there's not enough prey in the surrounding woods? That would be bad. :( Or maybe they have discovered that areas developed by humans are good hunting territories (lots of rats and squirrels)? That would be good. :) Nobody likes rodents in their backyard (except squirrels).

Since some stupid nightmare woke me up at eight o'clock this morning, I got quite a bit done today. While the washer was doing the laundry, I mopped the kitchen, vacuumed the house, and cleaned both bathrooms - chores that had been on my to-do-list for at least a month or longer. I know... shame on me! Nothing was really filthy, though. Just a bit grimy and/or sticky. I stuck the laundry in the dryer and went shopping. To VoldeMart. I know, I know... Shame on me! I punished myself with folding clothes when I came back. 

Around 6:30 p.m., I rewarded myself for spending most of the day doing chores with an hour of yardwork. I started clearing the strip along the back of the house. It's an area that gets just a few hours of direct sunlight and I have no idea what kind of plants might thrive receiving only morning sun. For now, I'll probably just put in some sort of edging and cover the ground with mulch, maybe put out some plants in pots to see if they like it there. 

So that was my day. Not very exciting, I know, but my husband was at work, so I had the house to myself, which was very relaxing.

I hope you all had a good Saturday, too!

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...without telling anybody about my marital crisis. I count that as an accomplishment because I normally "wear my heart on my tongue", as my grandmother used to say about me.

Other than that, I started weeding the rose bed in front of the house, potted the bulbs I found yesterday, and repotted a batch of zinnia seedlings, which are eventually going to be part of my (hopefully) hummingbird-attracting flowerbed around my pond. The plan calls for zinnias, bee balm, butterfly weed, asiatic lilies, and trumpet vine

I planted some lily bulbs a couple of weeks ago but they never sprouted. The cold spell we had shortly after I put them in the ground, followed by a horrendous downpour, probably killed them. Oh well... As to Campsis radicans: the arbor is currently occupied by Clematis terniflora Sweet Autumn, which has just started to sprout vigorously. I intend to dig it up next winter and move it to the backyard to cover the extremely unsightly privacy fence that shields us from the neighbors, but for now it has to stay where it is.

Apart from that, I found a Web page that has an excellent recording of our neighborhood owl's call: click here and then on "Barred Owl Voice". I saw the old hooter fly about his (or her - there is no telling if it's a girl owl or a boy owl) territory several times yesterday afternoon. Very cool! And if you are interested in learning about owls, this Website has more than enough information - and then some. I find the article "Owls in Mythology & Culture" particularly intriguing.

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I finished removing the cinderblocks from their old spot (found some more bulbs in the process), removed some oak saplings from amidst my red tops (which are in dire need of pruning, by the way, but that's a job for a professional - with a chainsaw!), cut down a small dead tree, and cut some dead branches from the big oak tree in the backyard.

Not bad for an hour's worth of work!



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