Jul. 20th, 2011

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I found this in the eSkeptic today.

Harry Potter and Jesus Christ

a book review by Tim Callahan

"At first glance, the title of this work, along with the cover illustration depicting a man who seems the amalgam of Jesus Christ and Harry Potter, seem whimsical. Yet, Derek Murphy is serious in his comparison of Harry Potter with Jesus by noting the many parallels between the two:

  • Magic father, human mother
  • Miraculous birth foretold by prophecy
  • Threatened infancy: Herod tries to kill Jesus. Voldemort kills Harry’s parents in an attempt to kill him.
  • Raised in obscurity
  • Both possess magical powers and do battle with evil
  • In both stories, the hero is symbolized by the lion, while his enemy is symbolized by the serpent.
  • Both stories stress the power of faith and love.
  • Both heroes experience a sacrificial death and resurrection."

According to this review, the author of the book comes to the conclusion that
"Harry Potter is popular in a way Jesus is not. Harry Potter’s movies have made billions, while Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ (2004) was disturbing, bloody, and ultimately unsatisfying, riddled with unresolved complexities in a system where the all powerful and all knowing God has to trick or deceive his creation, Satan. Harry’s popularity is crucial—he is the gospel of our time; the best selling story. Yes, he is a repacking of the Jesus Christ story, but one that eclipses that story completely. While we can sift through Harry and trace back to Jesus, why would we? Harry is a much more humane, in depth, vibrant character than the Jesus of the gospels, infinitely easier to identify with, champion and even love."

Sounds like a brilliant book!

Click here and scroll down for the whole review.


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